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If you are looking for bespoke sandblasted glass panels in single glazed or double glazed form, delivered to your door - you have come to the right place. We are established professionals in the design, manufacture and the delivery of custom made decorative sandblasted glass panels to homes and businesses throughout the UK.

Sandblasted glass is one of the oldest forms of decorative glass available but it can also be used to create a truly modern and contemporary glass designs as this image shows. This design on the right was created using sandblasted glass with the addition of hand made Italian fused glass tiles.

How is Sandblasted Glass created?

Sandblasted glass or Etched Glass as it is also known, is a very versatile form of decorative glass and is an ideal application for traditional door designs and contemporary commercial projects. Sandblasted glass gives an amazing decorative effect without taking away much of the natural daylight. How we create sandblasted glass is a mix of the past with modern day computerised techniques.

A design is created on our studio computer, which is connected to our vinyl cutting machine. A vinyl transfer is 'cut to shape' and then overlayed onto one side of the glass. All of the areas that are required to be sandblasted are peeled away leaving the clear areas of the design protected. The glass is then placed into a specialist sandblasting shot booth and Aluminium Oxide is then is blasted at high speed over the whole area of the glass. Once an even finish is achieved, the vinyl transfer is removed from the glass leaving the clear areas unmarked and the 'blasted' areas creating the etched glass design.

Etched Glass brochureView our Sandblasted Glass gallery

Our dedicated Sandblasted Glass gallery contains over 100 beautiful sandblasted glass designs suitable for your doors and windows. If you don't find a design that is perfect for you, why not visit our main website LeadbitterGlass.com and browse what is possibly the largest Decorative Glass Gallery on the internet.

We can create different visual effects using our sandblasted glass technique so deep carved glass and 3 dimensional glass designs can be ordered in your exact glass sizes. We can even colour sections of the design with our Coloured Sandblast product.

Names & Numbers!Traditional Sandblasted GlassNames & Numbers!!

Sandblasted glass is an ideal form of artistic glass for house names and numbers on door glass and door glass fanlights. One of the most popular requests that we receive is for sandblasted numbers and house names on or above front doors.

If your home has a fanlight above the door, we can create a custom made panel with your house number/name in sandblasted glass.

SandblastedGlass.co.uk is part of 'Leadbitter Glass' - the UK's premier decorative glass studio. Our Leadbitter Glass website is the best and largest glass website in the world today and you can browse hundreds of decorative glass designs or contact us to have a custom made design created for you. Visit the Leadbitter Glass Gallery to view some of our sandblasted glass designs and you can also place an order or contact us there.

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